B.M.Geoinformatics is a leading national player offering world class solutions for the GIS & RS support to its clients across INDIA. Equipped with core knowledge in different softwares like ERDAS IMAGINE, GeoMatica in image processing, MapInfo Professional, ArcInfo, ArcGIS, ArcView GIS in GIS analysis and AutoCAD in design and a strong team of young GIS specialists, this organisation is poised to for an extensive growth in GIS & RS market.

B.M.Geoinformatics undertakes mapping and analysis projects relating to agricultural and forestry, water resources, marine and oceanography, environment, urban and rural development like cadastral and wasteland mapping, land-use mapping , Urban Planning, tourism resource management information system, census related statistical, mapping, event mapping like accident, crime, fire fighting facility etc, vehicle routing and scheduling, vehicle tracking system, resource inventory study, network like road and track analysis, thematic mapping and contour analysis, base maps like hard copy, vector map or raster files, Utility mapping, to name a few.

B.M.Geoinformatics provides the following geoinformatic services like AM/FM, remote sensing & Image Processing, satellite photogrammetry, georeferencing, digitization, spatial analysis, data entry, rasterisation and vectorisation of thematic mapping, contour mapping , data manipulation, query map, networking, digital image processing, level features, GPS.

B.M.Geoinformatics also undertakes different statistical work like Probability mapping, sampling, timeseries calculation, Design of Experiment and analysis, quality control mapping, project report.

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